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Reminds me a lot of one of Christine’s blog posts from the past…here’s a quote from the post:  

"…that ultimate love story. Which in my opinion is between life and the girl. Her life to be exact. When she’s finally able to truly love her life and her life to love her back, she falls…for real love."

You can read the full post here. (I highly recommend it!)

Been working on this these past few days. I don’t regularly draw things as good as this but when I do, of course it’ll take time for me to finish. I was struggling just now working on anime eyes which I’ve never done in my life (besides a raichu but that doesn’t count). I work better with realistic stuff where I have more control over drawing imo. I say it’s okay, kind of crap cause it’s definitely not perfect but I know a lot of you guys are gonna say it’s good/great and I don’t mind that also. So anyways, here I have #asuna from #swordartonline and I was thinking of drawing Sinon (or something else) also but I’m still debating on myself on that cause I only have about a week left until I turn this notepad in for another person to take and lots of stuff in mind that I want to do before school starting in two weeks. But I can tell you it looks better if you see it in person, especially if you’re in OCC Circle K cause again, this isn’t my notepad and that’s the only way you’ll see this in person. #結城明日奈 #アスナ #ソードアート・オンライン

#latepost Stuff happened but I finally did it! I got Spotlight of the Week for #occcki! Originally suppose to receive this award two Thursday’s ago but my mom had to lie about my orthodontics appointment so I received it the following Friday after that week. It definitely is extremely an honor to receive this (though I wanted to kind of receive this much later for personal reasons of some sort). Honestly, I don’t know how I got spotlight of the week for the month of June cause… All I remember that month was doing loads of calc 2. Anti-derivatives, u substitution, trig substitution, half angle identities, tell whether this function is convergent or divergent, find area of this atc length which looks like a rose!! I don’t remember doing anything else that month. #stilltoomuchcalconmymind

My fourth attempt of doing a 3D panoramic shot outside my house now shown in 2D. I can’t really describe how large my place is in Riverside but somehow print this picture out, tape both ends together and make it into a sphere somehow so you can visualize how far the dead plants extend is how much land I own? (at Wildomar)

Okay I didn’t do my hair this time so deal with it since it takes me 10-15 min to dedicate my time on it. Anyways, this is probably going the last picture to be shown that I wear something like this (hopefully). But now, I must wait for a few more months before taking another picture. You’ll see why when the time comes but no questions asked.

Until tonight, I received a package two weeks ago that shall not be opened (okay but seriously, I didn’t have time to open it up and look at it). During the day, I am some tired Asian kid studying like hell for calc 2. During the night, I jump from building to building not like “just some nut” as someone once said! This city next to me has failed and I intend to save it as someone else! #knowthereferences? #itsjustusedasacostume

It’s been several weeks since I ordered this but I finally received another Japanese book in the mail, Another. 😊 I’m pretty sure a few of you guys know about the anime. I loved it. I highly recommend watching it. It’s got all the gore in there of middle school students + anyone blood-related to them + teachers being destined to die in gruesome ways (yes, kind of like Final Destination). Tbh, it made me jump once. The live-action film was… meeh. It was alright I guess. I didn’t like it. But comparing it to my other Japanese book, Out, it’s about twice as big, 330 pg vs 670 pg book. Quite a read and lots of kanji to learn as well over the summer. #horror #Japanese #アナザー

Yes! I finally finished the basics of 3ds max! (I think. There’s one last tutorial involving animating a CG helicopter in a video clip but I most likely won’t do it.) I’m kind of iffy on the left side of the pictures though. Although I was frustrated with not being able to perfectly fit a geosphere onto the ball (geosphere is slightly bigger than the ball so it’s visible), I should’ve made the shadows for the other objects slightly bigger. That and I’m too lazy to create 3d composites unlike to the right where I actually adjusted the hue, saturation, and levels of the objects to match with the original picture. Now that I finished one personal goal during my first three weeks of summer before taking calc 2, I still have many more tasks and goals to finish. #3dsmax #CG

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